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Multifunctional cabinet - wardrobe

Multifunctional cabinet - wardrobe

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Multifunctional and ergonomic cabinet

  • SAVING SPACE - a multi-level shoe rack allows convenient placement of shoes for the whole family, thanks to which it not only helps to maintain order, but also saves the available space. 
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - the modular shoe shelf is very easy to fold. Anyone should be able to easily assemble it, while at the same time the finished structure is strong and stable. A hammer is included in the kit, which will greatly facilitate your assembly.  
  • MODULAR CONSTRUCTION - the shoe rack is modular, what does that mean for you? You can submit it according to your individual concept. This is a very useful solution, as you can easily adapt the structure of the rack to the available space . Thanks to the modular structure of the shoe shelf, it is possible to combine several sets with each other to obtain a consistent piece of furniture that meets the needs of the family in terms of available space.  
  • OPENING DOOR - the modular shelf has an opening door, so that the shoes do not stand "outside" and are not exposed, for example, to dust. The door is transparent, so even when closed, you can clearly see the contents of the shelves and easily find the pair you are interested in . 


  • in the set: 3 modules
  • possibility of arrangement according to own concept
  • material: plastic
  • 6 shelves
  • opening door
  • hanger
  • metal frame
  • dimensions (height / width / depth): 93 / 11.5 / 30cm;
  • weight in package: 3.7 kg


  • shelf (3 modules = 6 levels)
  • hammer
  • hanger

Thanks to its modular structure, you can organize this Multifunctional cabinet - wardrobe in a way that you like.

Get this wardrobe from our online store and keep your home neat and tidy!


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