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Protective aluminum foil for stove

Protective aluminum foil for stove

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Protective aluminum foil for stove


- Function: Non-stick coating that prevents cooking surfaces, countertops, walls and floors from remaining greasy. Helps eliminate burns, perfect for protecting walls while using a mixer bowl.

- Protected: Using three hinged panels, it unfolds and surrounds the pans to provide a high, protective barrier against hot, harmful grease.

- Easy to store: can be folded to store when not in use.

- Easy to use: just place the foil around the pan while cooking.

- Fits Any Burner: The convenient shield has three hinged panels that adjust to fit any size burner or pan.

- Material: made of aluminum foil, protects from harmful grease, durable for a long time.

- Clean: easy to clean, just need a cleaning cloth or paper to wipe the dirt.

- Heat resistance: made of aluminum foil, the melting point is up to 660 degrees, heat resistant and durable.


Size: 32.5 * 84 cm

Material: aluminum foil

Colors: Shipped at random based on stock availability.

The package includes:

1 piece. panel

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