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Cleansing gel

Cleansing gel

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Cleansing gel

It is a particular challenge for us when we have to clean even the most difficult-to-reach places such as: laptop keyboards, car dashboards, printers, remotes, etc.

This cleaning gel that we present to you here will now be easy and quick to achieve, without even having to get dirty!

It is made of a special gel formula that, in addition to removing germs, kills them.

Our cleaning gel is biodegradable and not dangerous to human health.

Method of use:

Before you start using the gel, you need to mash it for about 10 seconds. Then place it on the area you wish to clean and it will penetrate even the most difficult to reach places. then wait a while for it to absorb the dirt and just remove it! That's it - so simple and easy! The dirt that is in the gel will not transfer to the next surface you clean or to your hands. In general, this cleansing gel is suitable for repeated use lasting up to 1 year, but when it changes color it is no longer desirable to use it, because it will mean that its PH level and absorption capacity have decreased significantly.


· Should not be used by small children

· You must store it in the package to prevent it from drying out

· Ingredients: - Glycerin - Colorant - Water - Bactericide - Fixative

This cleaning gel does not remove oily stains because it does not have the properties of a thinner.

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