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Flow-through gas boiler 20 kw

Flow-through gas boiler 20 kw

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Portable instantaneous gas water heater 20 kw, suitable for house, cottage, camping, tents, caravan, camper, 3 volts.

Compact portable flow-through gas boiler - the ideal solution for your comfort and provision of hot water when you need it - in nature, on a campsite, in a tent, in a caravan, camper, at a cottage...

Suitable for use in places without available 220 volt mains power.

Takes up little space, completely independent of the mains: it is powered by 2 batteries of 1.5 volts (type D).

Power 20 kw, provides up to 10 liters of hot water per minute.

Precise control of water temperature.

The boiler works fully automatically, when water is supplied, an electronic module ignites the gas and maintains the set temperature of the outgoing water. When the water stops, the water heater turns off automatically.

A display is located on the front panel to visualize the current water temperature.

Modern design and quality workmanship from stainless materials.

Guaranteed security with double protection. The boiler works only when there is a water flow.

Warranty 24 months

Technical parameters:

  • gas and water inlet and outlet pipes - standard 1/2" threads
  • dimensions of the chimney - Ф110 mm
  • boiler dimensions - Width 34 cm / Height 62 cm / Thickness 18 cm
  • weight 9 kg
  • water pressure - 0.02-0.8 mPa
  • gas pressure - 30mBar /reducer-valve for low pressure is necessary/
  • electric power supply of the water heater - 3V, provided by 2 pcs. 1.5V type D batteries
  • mounting brackets - stationary plates of the water heater for fixing to a wall
  • fittings in the set - gas nozzle
  • delta t of water - 25 degrees /this is the temperature difference between incoming and outgoing water, which provides the water heater at 10 liters of water per minute/

The boiler is of an open type and is intended for outdoor use.

It is allowed to be installed in campers, caravans and other rooms, taking the necessary measures for fire safety and ventilation of the room in which it is installed.

It is not allowed to install the water heater in the bathroom where people bathe.

The boiler is supplied with water from a pipeline or a pump.

Installing a flue (chimney) on the water heater is mandatory when using it in closed rooms.

The boiler must be installed and fixed permanently in a vertical position.

The seller is not responsible for improper installation and use of the water heater.

The warranty of the water heater covers damages and malfunctions that occurred during the normal use of the device. The warranty is void in the event of defects arising from improper use, visible external interventions on the water heater, as well as attempts to repair damage by persons not authorized by the seller.

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