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Automatic dispenser for two toothpastes

Automatic dispenser for two toothpastes

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With one push, an even strip of paste will come out of the dispenser.

The toothpaste dispenser is made of rubber inside, so it fits most most toothpastes (thread diameter max. 1.2 cm). The dispenser has 2 places for toothpaste, in it we can put, for example, toothpaste for adults and toothpaste for children .

The dispenser prevents loss of toothpaste, which will be especially appreciated by parents of younger children who often apply more toothpaste than they should. 

There is room for 5 brushes. The brushes are covered with a case that prevents bacteria from entering.

In addition to a place for brushes , there is also a compartment for combs, razors, etc. At the bottom there are 2 holes for water drainage, so that water does not collect in the device.  

The set includes 4 cups - 2 smaller and 2 larger. Perfect for families with two children .

There is a magnetic tip inside that allows you to hold the cups in an inverted position. 

Installation does not require drilling into the tiles, which could damage them. Simply stick to the selected location with the included tabs and then slide the device onto it.

It is also an excellent solution due to the possibility of easy disassembly and cleaning of the device - just remove the dispenser from the cap.  


  • material: plastic
  • color: white - gray
  • maximum diameter of pasta thread: 1.2cm
  • device dimensions (length / width / height): 26.5 / 16.5 / 8.5cm
  • weight of the set: 0.65 kg
  • Weight with packaging: 0.75 kg


  • dispenser
  • 4 cups
  • support
  • assembly kit

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